University of Hertfordshire

The conference venue

The are four main areas for the conference and they are all very close

1. Halls of residence

The rooms are in the halls near the De Havilland Restaurant . Breakfast is available in the De Havilland Restaurant from 7.30 each morning. The evening meal on Friday is also in the De Havilland Restaurant. On Saturday evening we will be having dinner and entertainments here staring in the bar area at 7.00.

2. The Cricket Hall

The Exhibition and all refreshments will be held in the Cricket Hall which is next door to the De Havilland Restaurant. You can find the Cricket Hall just behind the swimming pool (which incidentally is open to conference delegates).

3. The Atrium

Most of the breakout sessions and lectures will be held in the Atrium just across the square from the restaurant and Exhibition.

4. Club De Havilland

We will hold the evening entertainments and the Saturday Conference Dinner in Club De Havilland which is in the same block as the restaurant and Exhibition.