The ‘Psychic’ Psychologist

What could possess a reputable psychologist to pretend that he is psychic?

rob bailey

From birth, through to becoming a veteran performer at the Edinburgh Fringe, this is the story of Rob’s journey towards becoming a ‘psychic’ performer. Weaving magic and comedy with his own life story, Rob tells the tale of a childhood love of the supernatural, his work in secure psychiatric wards, and success as a performer. During the show, Rob demonstrates how ‘psychic’ phenomena can be recreated using psychology and magic.

Critic reviews from Oxfringe and Edinburg

“Bailey is engaging and slick in a Derren Brown style, with wit, sarcasm and some good one-liners” Daily Info

“Informative and very funny his presentation is very engaging… This scientific training allied to his natural abilities as a comic make for a very unusual show…” Oxford Times

“Ditches paranormal waffle without compromising the air of mystique” Big Issue

“Genuinely impressive stunts of psychological detection…” Three Weeks

Ever since studying A-Level Psychology at Oxpens College of Further Education, Oxford, Rob has followed a varied career in psychology – working in hospitals and prisons, and for many years as a business psychologist.  He openly proclaims he has no psychic abilities, but then creates engaging and astounding paranormal malarkey live on stage.


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Rob Bailey. Email: Telephone: 07764 938697

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