Comments from delegates attending the conferences:

“The best CPD course I have ever attended!”

“Value for money, in terms of training, is second to none!

Things that delegates liked most included,

“without exception, all the keynote speakers. A brilliant choice!”

“Lots of choice for workshops, with many repeating so you could plan to catch them.”

“my belly dancing experience, I even remember the routine! sad isn’t it!”

“Atmosphere of welcome, friendliness, and willingness to share experience and ideas. Always easy to join in with people, whether walking about, at lectures or at meal times.”

Other comments included,

“I networked with other likeminded teachers and have come back to work with lots of ideas buzzing in my head for September”

“I had a great time, and am suitably inspired to improve my teaching.”

“Brilliant – buzzing with ideas and really friendly. Thank you!”

“Superb – something for all tastes and needs”

“Inspiring time, can’t wait to start teaching again in September”

“I am looking forward to the next one.”

“Fantastic – my first year, hopefully not my last!”

“I enjoyed it all.”

The following are all testimonials from teachers who have attended pre 2008 ATP conferences.

“It was without a doubt the most valuable source of professional development that I experienced in recent years; updating subject knowledge; innovative ideas from experienced, successful practitioners of the craft of teaching; inspirational lectures that still managed to retain relevance to 16+ teaching and a huge boost to morale – and the best value around – it leaves other commercial courses standing well behind the start line!”

“Every conference I’ve been to has been invaluable because of the updating of subject knowledge. Lectures from psychologists at the cutting edge of research help keep teachers up to date. Remaining on top of the latest psychological issues is difficult if you are confined to school.

Equally important is the chance to network and share ideas with other professionals. As many psychology teachers are isolated within schools, this can be the only opportunity they have discuss subject specific teaching and learning issues.

My students have benefited tremendously from all my visits to ATP conferences. Surely the bottom line for managers in schools should be: ‘Do the students benefit?’ The answer must be yes. Teachers who remain at the forefront of a dynamic subject must be more inspirational than those who are still teaching what they taught 10 years ago.”

“Its very good value for money, £220 for three days of lectures and workshops, accomodation and meals and usually a good supply of wine as well. It is also good fun, an enjoyable way to keep yourself uptodate with issues in the teaching of psychology.”

“I’ve been going to the annual conference (and some day ones too) since 1990. The networking has been amazing, the generosity of other teachers in sharing not just experience but also resources made life then so much better! And whenever there are new exam specs (i.e. far too often) meeting the senior exam teams and discussing options with other teachers has been so valuable. Feedback about commercial INSETs has also been illuminating!”

“I find the ATP conference provides an excellent forum for discussion of teaching and learning issues directly related to psychology, as well as an opportunity to find out about current developments in the field. Compared with many one day courses it is excellent value for money, and in addition I find that living in Cumbria it is impossible to attend a one day course in London without travelling down the day before and arriving back late at night – the day after I am exhausted. At ATP I get to spend time talking to other teachers who understand the issues I am talking about, working in a similar situation with enough time to relax, take in the new ideas and return to school full of energy and with new enthusiasm. For others in the situation of being the only psychology teacher in the school, it is invaluable.”