Resources 2014

Many of our delegates were very kind and shared their resources used at the successful ATP Loughborough conference 2014.

Trevor Dunn’s presentation for the How Was It For You session

Deb Gajic’s presentation for the Ideas for Active Teaching session

Deb Gajic’s presentation for the Outstanding Teaching session

Rosie Hussain’s presentation for the Differentiation session

Cara Flanagan’s presentation for the Psychology of Success session

Pepita Torbrand’s presentation for the CBC in Education session.

Andy McCarthty’s presentation for the Research Methods session and youtube link.

George Varvatsoulias’ presentation for Limited Reparenting in terms of Schema Therapy session

Andrew McGinty’s presentation for Character Strengths in the Classroom session

Celia Bone’s presentation for Creativity in the Classroom session

Kathleen Maitland’s presentation for the Data Analytics session

There are also resources on – follow the tag atp2014