Hertfordshire 2011

Association for the Teaching of Psychology Annual Conference



This year’s ATP Conference is now complete. Elizabeth Loftus has left the building.

Though we say it ourselves it was a great success with 3 excellent keynotes, a spectacular after dinner event with Dr Peter Lovatt (aka Doctor Dance) and a smorgasbord of breakout events. There was also an exhibition that filled a sports hall and a display of educational technology to take your breath away. Most important of all there was the generosity of spirit brought by the delegates that make this conference the number one CPD event for psychology teachers in the UK.

One legacy from the conference is the set of resources generously donated by our presenters and available on psychexhange at http://www.psychexchange.co.uk/tag/atp2011/

Next year the conference will be at Aston University (Birmingham) from 6th – 8th July, 2012.

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