Keynote Speakers 2011

Professor Elizabeth Loftus

International keynote speaker:
Professor Elizabeth Loftus
University of California, Irvine

Elizabeth Loftus is Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Irvine.   She holds positions in the Departments of Psychology & Social Behavior, and Criminology, Law & Society. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University. Since then, she has published 22 books and over 450 scientific articles. Her 4th book, Eyewitness Testimony, won a National Media Award (Distinguished Contribution) from the American Psychological Foundation. One of her most widely read books, “The Myth of Repressed Memory” (co-authored with Katherine Ketcham) was published by St. Martin’s Press and has been translated into Dutch, Taiwanese, French, German, Japanese and other foreign languages.

Loftus’s research of the last 20 years has focused on human memory, eyewitness testimony and also on courtroom procedure. She has received six honorary doctorates for her research, and she was President of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) during 1998-99. In addition to the Honorary degrees, Loftus has received numerous awards and honors for her research including the William James Fellow Award from the APS, 2001 (for “ingeniously and rigorously designed research studies…that yielded clear objective evidence on difficult and controversial questions.”).

The many, many awards that Loftus has received show the impact of her work and, in particular the breadth of that impact which stretches far beyond the discipline of psychology. Perhaps one of the most unusual signs of recognition of the impact of Loftus’s research came in a study published by the Review of General Psychology.   The study identified the 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20th century, and not surprisingly Freud, Skinner, and Piaget are at the top of that list.  Loftus was #58, and the top ranked woman on the list.

Less well recorded, but equally important is the impact that Loftus has on students of psychology. Her work inspires them but she also gives a lot of time to them. Remarkably one of my (Phil Banyard’s) first year students was giving a brief presentation to a tutorial on Loftus’ work on implanted memories and emailed her to tell her about the presentation. How many teachers would respond to a message like that? Loftus did and wished the cheeky student good luck.

Dr Peter Lovatt

UK keynote speaker:
Dr Peter Lovatt
Reader of Psychology
University of Hertfordshire

a.k.a. Doctor Dance

On his university web page, Peter Lovatt gives this information.

“I am the Director of the Dance Psychology Lab, where I carry out psychological research into dance and dancers. I also teach courses in the Psychology of Performing Arts, Psychological Approaches to Acting and in Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology. My current research projects examine the link between: 1. Dance and Health, 2. Dance and Hormones, 3. Dance and Thinking, and 4. Dance and Self-esteem.

I am actively engaged in the communication of psychology to a general audience. I have given lectures at the Royal Institution, The Science Museum, The Wellcome Collection and at other major science centres. I have been invited to give two TEDx talks (TEDxBerlin, November 2010) and TEDxObserver, London, March 2011). I have been invited onto numerous TV and Radio programmes to talk about my research (Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, Graham Norton Show, Today Programme, Arts Show). I was shortlisted for “Tutor of The Year (2009)” and performed “The Psychology of Dance Show” at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.”

Christian Jarrett

Dr Christian Jarrett (Research Digest, and The Rough Guide to Psychology) will talk on myths in psychology and illustrate the talk with items from his excellent Research Digest.


Karen Pine

Karen is Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire who has a wide range of research interests. She will be talking on gestures. Karen is co-founder of ‘Do Something Different’. Watch Karen doing something different at