Breakout Events 2011

We offer a wide range of seminars and workshops that are put on by teachers, local university lecturers, examination boards and publishers. Among the highlights for 2011 we have

  • Guy Sutton (MBI Consultants) on Mind and brain in the 21st century. Guy presentation an excellent workshop last year and he will offer two more this year on how to teach issues of neurology and brain science on our psychology courses.
  • Karen Duffy and the PGCE students from Manchester Metropolitan University on active learning strategies. A fixture in the programme each year for the freshest new teachers to show their tricks and enthusiasm.
  • Roy van den Brink Budgen on critical thinking. Roy is another popular fixture on the programme and each year he brings new material on how to encourage thinking skills.
  • Association for Science Education on Researchers in Residence. This is programme to allow teachers to take part in research projects and also to host research projects in their own school. A great opportunity to be involved in an live ongoing research project.

There will be over 60 breakout events from Awarding Bodies, the Psychology Department at the University of Hertfordshire, experienced teachers and authors.

The full programme of breakout events will be published in April but the following are confirmed events and will be part of the CPD days.

You can view the 2010 programme (click through) to get an indication of what the programme will look like for 2011.

More details

Teaching Research Methods
Phil Banyard, Nottingham Trent University

Research methods and statistics are the fun part of any psychology course. No really, they are. The key skill that psychology offers any student is to know how to find stuff out – methods – and to know how to interpret it – statistics. In this session we will look at how to use demonstrations and simple studies to introduce ideas about research design. All you need to bring is a pen and your imagination.

Mind & Brain In The 21st Century
Guy Sutton, MBI consultants

The session will look at advances in neurogenetics, neuroplasticity and neuroimaging with a quick look at neurobionics at the end. The full multi-media presentation will introduce material that has been successfully used with teachers and students at numerous previous events.

New Teachers in Psychology: a survivor’s guide
Karen Duffy & Psychology PGCE students, Manchester Metroplitan University

Trainee teachers from MMU Psychology PGCE will be delivering a session on fun ways of delivering aspects of psychology specifications concentrating on how to survive the first couple of years as a teacher.

Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills in Psychology:
Emma Shakespeare, The McAuley Catholic High School

This workshop will focus on innovative ways to teach students those tricky skills of evaluation and analysis which make the difference between a C and an A*.

Using digital technologies in the classroom
Jamie Davies and Mark Holah, psychexchange

Mark Holah and Jamie Davies from Wyke College have created numerous websites for students and teachers of psychology. Their latest successful venture is psychexchange. They have presented their work at CPD events for teachers and also at academic conferences. They will show their simple, practical and effective ways of using technology in teaching.

Critical Thinking
Roy van den Brink-Budgen, if…then Consultancy

Roy van den Brink-Budgen has been working in Critical Thinking for twenty-two years. In this time, he has played a central role in the growth of the subject in schools and colleges (including having been Chief Examiner for most of the time that the subject has been assessed). His resources for teachers and students (including books, CD-Rom, online course, and Critical Thinking card game) are widely used not only in this country but also in others, including the US, Australia, and the Netherlands. He runs the education consultancy if…then which provides services to both students and teachers.