Association for the Teaching of Psychology Annual Conference at Lancaster University 2015

The ATP conference 2015 will be held on Friday 10th – Sunday 12th July 2015 at Lancaster University. The conference is for teachers of psychology and will offer updating sessions on psychology, presentations and workshops on teaching and learning, and opportunities to share good practice.

It is the number one CPD event for teachers of psychology in the UK.


The three-day ATP Annual conference boasts over 50 workshops to enhance your CPD on a wide range of topics from teaching and learning to current research. We offer full and half conference packages as well as one-day CPD events. Delegates who book the one-day package are welcome to join us for our evening wine reception, giving you invaluable time to network and socialise. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2015 conference whether you are old friends or newcomers!

Regular contributors include the national Awarding Bodies as well as numerous authors, training providers and teachers.

The conference also attracts around 40 exhibitors including publishers and other providers of teaching resources.

Top ten reasons why the ATP 2015 Annual Conference offers essential CPD and great value-for-money

  1. Workshops on how to produce ‘Outstanding Lessons’ for Ofsted, including how to show progress, run by an outstanding teacher
  2. The opportunity to meet and network with other teachers who have had recent Ofsted experience in their schools/colleges
  3. Updates on the major changes to psychology specifications – due for first teaching in 2015
  4. Face-to-face meeting with key representatives from all the exam boards
  5. Opportunities to meet with specification designers and examiners
  6. A wide range of high quality breakout events based on teaching and learning – many of the teaching ideas shared are transferable across subjects
  7. A chance to refresh and recharge and to come back with renewed enthusiasm for the academic year ahead
  8. Timed so that it is post-exam and students will not miss out on key learning
  9. Opportunity to meet lecturers from the school of psychology
  10. Cost effective – a three day, all inclusive conference that is the same price as many one-day CPD events